Color Palette Generator: Analyze colors in a graphic

It’s not unusual to find the PERFECT graphic and need to create a flyer, brochure, email or web page around it. Color Palette Generator lets you enter a URL of any picture and tells you the HTML color codes from the picture. Easy way to get a professional look for your documents. My sample:

comotivate: Find a buddy to keep you on track

Need a little help keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? Try comotivate, a free website that hooks you up with someone with your same goal. Join a team like “Shrinking Moms” or find a partner for your own new goal. comotivate – get it together

Getmooh: Arrange for a graceful exit

Need an out for a boring meeting? Want to ensure you don’t get stuck in a blind date? Use Get Me Out of Here to arrange for calls when you need them. Have the free service call your friends, or use it to arrange a call to help you end a long meeting. It’s easier than pretending a real call …

Google Alerts: Track your web presence

Google has a host of fun tools that can help your business. I consider Google Alerts one of the most essential. With Google Alerts, you can track key words in the web world in news articles, blogs and other citations. I set them up for my last name, my company and key words related to my clients. Every mention is …

Twitter: Microblogging and social networking

It’s time, my friends. You need to get involved with social media to grow your business. Twitter brings together millions of users who write brief (I mean really brief) updates, answers to the simple question: What are you doing right now? Twitter takes some getting used to. The first few tweets you receive may say things like, “I just ate …

10 Minute Mail: Temporary emails

Are you tired of registering for everything and then getting emails that drive you crazy forever? 10 Minute Mail gives you a temporary email address to use for your registration. And you don’t have to register to get it. Cool tool. Oodles of fun with words

Thanks to my baby sister for this wonderful site. Types words into a text book, and Wordle creates art out of your words. It works with a URL as well. My sister discovered this during a really boring class she had to take. She said they amused themselves all afternoon.  

Jing: Screen captures for free

Have you ever done a screen capture by pressing Print Screen, pasting it somewhere, editing it and sending it off? One of my favorite new (free!) tools is Jing, a little application from TechSmith, which makes the screen capture process insanely easy. Jing sits on your screen at all times in the form of a little yellow sun. You can …