Technology Shortcuts program

It's time to make things easier with technology!

Join Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend, for 60 Minutes of tech tips and tools for shortcuts and automations.

Friday, July 29 at 1 Central

Tech Shortcuts and Automations for Less Stress and More Productivity

A modern-day conundrum: you want to streamline your life with automations that save you money and time... but you don't have the time to find tools to streamline your life.

Your Nerdy Best Friend can help! Join us for this online program to discover shortcuts and automations that will shrink your task lists and give you back your sanity. We'll show you how to set up task automation tools like Zapier and IFTTT, plus showcase keyboard shortcuts and other time-saving tips that will transform how quickly you can get stuff done.

BONUS! This session includes hands-on time so you can set up a shortcut before you leave! 
(We may even hang out past the 60 minutes to make sure you get an automation that will help you right away.)

Enroll in this Session to...

Learn where to find shortcuts and automations that will make your life easier

understand the concepts of workflows and tech "recipes"

Discover easy shortcut options built into your devices

BONUS: set up a shortcut or two during the program with hands-on time

Technology Shortcuts and Automation

Enroll Today – $29.00

I love listening to NERDY Beth Z!

She's entertaining while offering a ton of great tips and education to help me with my business. Thank you for your NERDY but great offerings.

Joy Marshall

Performance Planners LLC

Meet Beth Z... Speaker. Author. Nerd

Your Nerdy BFF sorts through the digital clutter to discover tech tips, tools and tricks for productive productivity, sexy social media, tolerable to-do lists and truly collaborative collaborations.

Beth Z’s unrivaled presentation talent lies in what you don’t see - the years of research it took for her to discover innovative shortcuts and solutions to create unparalleled engaging social media messaging. And then YOU take away high-impact, force-multiplying skill sets to craft the same and beyond for your audiences.

Beth Z | Speaker, Author, Nerd.