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You have tech challenges.
Beth Z can help.

Feeling behind on the latest tech trends? You're not alone. 

You know tech can make your life easier, but you don't have the time, guidance or specific tools to make changes. That's why Beth Z is here to help.

After more than 700+ presentations over the past decade, Beth realized that her attendees need more... one-on-one help to guide people to practical solutions and true tech changes.

Consulting for Groups

Your members, volunteers and employees can have a Nerdy Best Friend, too! Talk to us about our retainer packages that give your folks access to one-on-ones with Beth Z as well as personalized tech tips for your content library. 

Help from your nerdy best friend

Consulting, Coaching and Training

One-On-One Help

get your questions answered in private meetings with Your nerdy Best Friend

  • 30-Minute Power Session: $199
  • 90-Minute Deep Dive with free follow-up: $499
  • Best Value!
    Nerdy Thirty: A 30-day program with a kickoff meeting and two check-ins: $999
  • Season of Solutions: Get access to Beth Z for three months. Four Deep Dives scheduled at your convenience over three months. Includes access to Beth Z's emergency hotline and accountability check-ins: $2500
Leslie Fritz

Greatest Possible Value in a 1:1

Beth is a charismatic teacher, generous with time and talent, and serious about adding the greatest possible value to the time we spent together during my 1:1 with her.

Beth helped me to find direction and to develop online techniques that were already working for the group. Beth’s suggestions were clear, accurate, and to the point. 

Leslie Fritz  //  Leadership Outfitters LLC

Looking for Something Else?

Beth Z speaks on a range of topics and can create a customized program for your unique event.

  • Discover Your Technology Psychology
  • Lights, Smartphone, Action!
  • Powered Productivity
  • Six Super Simple Steps for Online Security
  • Put a Little Zip in Your Zoom
  • How to Be Visible in a Virtual World