Lights, Smartphone, ACTION! Hands-On Video Workshop (Secret Pricing)


NOTE: Someone awesome sent you the link to this super-secret page with super-special pricing. Please do not share this page with anyone! This link comes from Beth Z’s very special community members, and they were allowed to invite their favorite people (you) to enjoy exclusive pricing.

For years people have been asking me for more on all the amazing video tools that can magically and easily transform your images and video clips into share-worthy content. At last we have the hands-on workshop you’ve been waiting for!

Lights, Smartphones, ACTION! A Hands-On Video Workshop

Friday, June 26, 1-4pm Central

Since Steven Spielberg isn’t going to intern at your company, YOU need to figure out how to make videos for social media, marketing and communications.

This hands-on workshop teaches you dozen of easy, budget-friendly tech tools to make professional-level videos on the cheap and on the fly.

In just ONE afternoon, you’ll…

  • Improve your storytelling and video-creation skills for better multimedia content.
  • Evaluate different multimedia tools and apply strategies for their best uses in social media, marketing and communications.
  • Make your own videos with your own images.
  • Discover affordable resources for outsourcing more video work.


  • I can’t make videos… will this be over my head?
    Absolutely not! This workshop helps you find video tools that do the work for you!
  • I have made videos before… will this be too easy?
    I can guarantee I have video tools you’ve never seen before! If you fail to learn one new thing, I’ll give you your money back.
  • Do I need special equipment?
    Nope! Just a computer and your image library. Keep your smartphone nearby as well.
  • Do I have to buy software?
    It depends…. We’re going to use the free versions or trial versions of several tools to try them out. If you like them, you may want to subscribe. But there are lots of free options out there.

Perfect for an Online Format

Because you’ll be working from your own computer, you have your own images and video clips ready to use to create your own masterpieces. No need to lug a laptop to a conference room… this session works best when you block off the afternoon, close your office door and dig into your own multimedia archives.

Three Workshop Options

  • Live Workshop (Friday, June 26, 1-4pm)
    Block out the afternoon and join us LIVE! It’s the very best way to get the most out of the workshop. You’ll also get the recordings so you can go back and review tools.
  • Workshop On Demand
    Can’t attend live? Get the recordings! The videos will be broken into segments so you can watch a lesson then stop and play on your own time.
  • Workshop ++
    Our BEST value! Attend the workshop live PLUS schedule an hour with Beth Z for one-on-one video tutorials and creation. And that’s not all! When you sign up for Workshop ++, you can choose a teacher or a nonprofit to receive a case of Beth Z’s newest book, The BIGGER Book of Apps! The book retails for $24, so you’ll be gifting resources for teachers valued at almost $500!

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