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Your All-In-One Meeting Planning Guide

As a former association education director, Beth Z knows how hard meeting professionals work to put on a great meeting!

This page is your all-in-one meeting planning guide to make your event with Beth hassle-free.

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AV Needs

Computer on Stage

Beth needs her computer at her fingertips to demo tech tools and use the interactive activities she has planned.

What this means:

  • Beth will not be able to load her slides on someone else's computer or present with her computer in the back.
  • Beth needs a table or lecturn on the stage with an HDMI connection to the projector(s) and an audio connection. 

Reliable Internet

Beth needs a super-stable internet connection to demo the latest tech tools.

Options in order of reliability:

  • Hard-wired connection for Beth on stage (may be cost prohibitive).
  • Wi-Fi login with a connection of at least 25 mb/s that is separate from the attendees' public Wi-Fi. 
  • Wi-Fi login to the public connection but GUARANTEED by the staff that Beth will have a stable, fast feed. 
  • Beth's Verizon 5G hotspot (it works more often than it doesn't!).

Wireless Microphone Pack

Beth moves around the stage and through the audience quite a bit, so she needs a wireless mic, and she has a special headset that plugs into most venues' standard mic pac.

Just the facts:

  • Beth can't use a lectern mic or a handheld because she needs to type on her computer and move around the room.
  • Beth travels with this headset microphone that simply replaces the black lapel mic on wireless mic sets. She works with the AV team to tweak in the audio levels before the presentation. It takes about 2 minutes. 

Beth's Intro

Every year we search for the best speakers to help you solve your toughest challenges, and you've told us that one of the biggest concerns these days is how to deal with the meteoric rise of AI tools and mind-blowing technology.

But we all know that some presentations about technology can be too lofty… 

or too technical…

or too – let’s face it – boring.

So this year, we worked extra hard to the perfect speaker.

Meet Beth Z, the Nerdy Best Friend you never knew you needed.

With a wit as quick as her Wi-Fi connection, Beth Z shares bite-sized practical tech tips
that she guarantees you can use right away.

A Certified Professional Speaker who has spent the last decade sharing tips with hundreds of thousands of attendees and followers, Beth Z is about to become your go-to for all things nerdy.

So, get your gadgets ready to take notes…
and prepare to be entertained, educated, amused and inspired. 

Your Nerdy Best Friend has arrived.

How to Pronounce Beth’s Last Name

Beth Z usually goes by… Beth Z. So don’t worry about pronouncing her last name.

But if you DO want to pronounce it, say it like this:


… or just watch the video.

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