Welcome to the Elite World
of Official Nerd Card Holders!

The Nerd Card from Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend


You are now the proud owner of Beth Z's exclusive Nerd Card.  

This is no ordinary card. It's a celebration of your unmistakable, unapologetic nerdiness. By holding this card, you've joined a prestigious fellowship that appreciates the nuances of cat hat knitting, revels in obscure Star Wars trivia and understands the joy of cozying up with a captivating book.

Terms and Conditions:

A funny owl with glasses and a bow tie
  • Transferability: 
    Just like the fluency in Klingon or your favorite Doctor Who quotes, the Nerd Card can be passed on to fellow nerds. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. 
  • The "Stay Nerdy" Clause:
    The card may be revoked if found supporting subpar superheros, disdaining Star Wars prequels, or using 'literally' when you mean 'figuratively'.
  • Find Your Inner Nerd Day Commitment: 
    As proud ambassadors of all things nerdy, cardholders are required to participate in and promote Find Your Inner Nerd Day on August 23rd. Show up, geek out, and spread the word.

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