Your Passwords Are Not Safe

“The Mother of All Breaches”

“Biggest EVER collection of breached data”

“An astonishing 773 million records exposed”

“Ooh, this is a big one.”

Do any of these headlines get your attention? The site HaveIBeenPwnd discovered a cache of emails and passwords called “Collection #1.” The data included records from previous hacks as well as millions of data points that had not previously been known.… Get the scoop...

Building a Video Studio

When I posted this picture the other day, many people wrote to ask if I could share how I put together my home office video studio.

You want it, you got it. BUT FIRST… you have to see this 10-minute video that shows you the whole set up and talks about the settings and options, as well as the process for the green screen magic.… Get the scoop...

Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs to be happy about

I’ll admit that I get pretty uneasy about the capabilities of artificial intelligence sometimes, but in the area of healthcare, I’m all in. Researchers are using artificial intelligence to help diagnose and treat some of our society’s most dangerous and debilitating diseases, and the technology might just save someone you love.… Get the scoop...