iSpeech: Convert text to speech

Frankly I’m one of those people who gets a little irritated when I hit a website and a movie comes up or audio starts playing. But my learning style lends itself to reading, not listening, and that’s not true for everyone.… Get the scoop...

FastStone Screen Capture: Another way to avoid the “Print Screen” Button

Sigh. I guess it was bound to happen. I found a low-cost screen capture tool that competes with Jing, which is one of my all-time favorites.

FastStone Screen Capture comes in as an unobtrusive toolbar. You can capture windows, the full screen, a scrolling screen and a video with audio (see my sample below — I don’t think the audio recording is as good as Jing).… Get the scoop... Convert your email to a URL

The other day I wrote about a site that converts your email address into a graphic so spammers can’t sweep your site.

This tool, with the unfortunate name of, converts your email address into a simple URL, and people who want to write you have to pass a simple test to show they’re human.… Get the scoop...

Mutapic: Instant (weird) art

I discovered this site about an hour ago, and I just spent way too much time experimenting with the art generation tool to create a cool example for this post (yep, that’s it below).

Mutapic is addicting. You choose two icon pictures, press the Generate button and Mutapic morphs the two together to create icons.… Get the scoop...