FormSpring: Build web-based forms for free

FormSpring is a handy service that allows you to build online forms. You can either host it on your site or let FormSpring host it (for free).

It’s great for contact forms, event registrations, feedback, job applications, surveys and sign-up forms for newsletters.… Get the scoop...

New Webinar: Free and Low-Cost Tools

Free and Low-Cost Tools Your Organization Can’t Live Without

Join me for an entertaining, lightning-fast tour of 60+ tools, gadgets and services from the Avenue Z Tool Box.

Don’t miss this session! February 10, 2009 at 1 PM Eastern!

  • Discover secret sources to make your marketing better than ever – picture tools, multimedia resources and social media freebies
  • Keep up to date with new Web 2.0 technologies that make your life easier – free online storage, free shared calendars, low-cost email services and more
  • Learn new tools to keep you connected with the office – messaging, remote desktop access and file sharing
  • Receive a valuable reference list, and get updates every six months!
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Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

Many people today are recording podcasts, webinars, messages and more via their computers. Audacity is an awesome (and free) audio editor and recorder that takes little time to master.

With Audacity, you can record a clip, cut out your mistakes, add in other audio and end up with a professional sound bite (IF you use a great microphone… otherwise it’ll always sound homemade).… Get the scoop...

Gliffy Online Diagram Software: Create flowcharts with ease


Sure, you can try to create a flow chart with a word processing program such as MS Word, but you’re going to get angry. Your boxes will be different sizes, and your arrows won’t line up. It’ll take you too long, and screw up your diet when you visit the vending machine for a chocolate bar to get through the project.… Get the scoop...

Privnote: Self-destructing email

I’m not exactly sure how this will help your business, but Privnote might come in handy one day. You enter a note, and the system creates a link. Send the link to the recipient. Once it’s read, the link self destructs, and your note goes with it.… Get the scoop...