10 Minute Mail: Temporary emails

Are you tired of registering for everything and then getting emails that drive you crazy forever? 10 Minute Mail gives you a temporary email address to use for your registration. And you don’t have to register to get it. Cool tool.

Wordle.net: Oodles of fun with words

Thanks to my baby sister for this wonderful site. Types words into a text book, and Wordle creates art out of your words. It works with a URL as well. My sister discovered this during a really boring class she had to take. She said they amused themselves all afternoon.  

Jing: Screen captures for free

Have you ever done a screen capture by pressing Print Screen, pasting it somewhere, editing it and sending it off? One of my favorite new (free!) tools is Jing, a little application from TechSmith, which makes the screen capture process insanely easy. Jing sits on your screen at all times in the form of a little yellow sun. You can …

WorkTime: You need this tool, but you’re not going to like it

I’m on the hunt for new free and low-cost tools to update my best resource document. Yesterday I found WorkTime from NesterSoft. WorkTime tracks every single activity on your computer. It shows you how long you surf the web, work on a document, spend writing emails. I can’t imagine a better tool for understanding where your time goes so you …