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Tech Shortcuts and Automations for Less Stress and More Productivity


Passwords, phishing, privacy?

Pfttt! You’re not alone if you would rather tally the numbers in the phone book than deal with your password problems. But you can’t be a professional without taking responsibility for your personal online security — for the protection of yourself and your company.

Online security issues — and solutions — don’t have to be boring, scary or ignored.

Author Beth Z, aka Your Nerdy Best Friend, will have you laughing and learning with the real facts about the threats you face using the technology at your fingertips. And, more importantly, you’ll leave with practical tips and tools for breathing easier.

A modern-day conundrum: you want to streamline your life with automations that save you money and time…┬ábut you don’t have the time or the money to figure them out.

Your Nerdy Best Friend can help! Join us for this online program to discover shortcuts and automations that will shrink your task lists and give you back your sanity. We’ll show you how to set up task automation tools like Zapier and IFTTT, plus showcase keyboard shortcuts and other time-saving tips that will transform how quickly you can get stuff done.

Hands-On Bonus! Once we show you different places and ways you can create shortcuts, we’ll ask you to explore and try some out (even if we have to run past the 60 minutes).


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