All Three Workshops (Live)


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Join us Fridays in August for 3 NEW hands-on programs

All Programs will be live from 1 PM- 4 PM Central on scheduled dates.

The recording will be available the next week.

August 12- There’s Always ZOOM for Improvement
Elevate Your Online Presence with Super Secret Zoom Features and Other Free Videoconference Tricks

You’ve been to 46 thousand video conferences this decade, and you (and your colleagues) are bored as heck with the Brady Bunch layouts and the shared slide squares.
Beth Z will share secret Zoom tips that will transform your online meetings to a new level. We’ll go hands-on with hidden features that improve your look, engagement, presentations and more.

August 19- Meet Your New Junior AI Copywriter
Using Artificial Intelligence to Write for You

This. Changes. Everything. If you’ve ever struggled to write an email or stared at a blank page where your bio is supposed to go, this workshop is for you. We’ll take a deep dive into the mind-blowing writing tools that use artificial intelligence to write for you. It’s cutting-edge tech that seems like it’s too good to be true. And you can be one of the first of your colleagues to use it.

August 26- Lights, Smartphones, ACTION!
A Hands-On Video Workshop

This workshop has been the most requested and the most popular of all time. This hands-on class gives you the shortcuts, tips and tools to make videos and marketing content faster and better than ever before. You’ll discover and try out easy, budget-friendly tech tools to make professional-level videos on the cheap and on the fly. Even if you’ve taken this popular program before, there’s always something new.