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Nerd365 Bulk Buy (Black Friday Sale!)

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NEW! Name your own price for 10+ Copies of Beth Z’s Newest Book!

Yep. I’m serious.
Here are the real numbers behind the costs and regular prices. Consider your budget and the fair market value, and name your own price for 10 or more copies.
  • My cost per book: $4.16 plus (slow) shipping and taxes. It usually works out to about $5.50 a book.
  • The price on Amazon: $18.99 plus shipping (if you don’t have Prime) and tax.
  • Normal bulk costs for 50+ books: $10-12 each plus shipping (sometimes). This is shipping directly from the printer (slow boat).
Why Am I Doing This?
The honest truth: I don’t want to keep books in my garage. I want to share them with everyone. Making money is not my priority. Helping people is. I know people are mostly honest, and you’ll offer a fair amount that fits your budget.
What Happens Next?
We’ll keep it simple.
  • Put at least 10 books into your cart. The system will let you do fewer than 10 because #technology, but this deal is only for 10 or more.
  • Name your price… somewhere between the absolute lowest cost of $5.50 and the Amazon price of $18.99. — Whatever number feels right to you.
  • We’ll ship the books to you directly through the printer. Note that they’ll go through Amazon and take the slow boat, so keep that in mind.
  • Books need to be shipped to one address to get the deal.
  • NOTE: Drop us a line if you’re shipping outside the U.S. We have options and discounts, but we have to do the math first.
Deadline: November 30