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Tackle Your Tech Card Deck *Secret Sale*


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SPECIAL OFFER only for Beth Z’s BFFs.

Please read — here’s the special deal ONLY for YOU!

  • Orders accepted through APRIL 5.
  • Minimum 200 decks per order. 
  • Printing will begin after April 5. Decks will be shipped to the address you provide.
  • Expected shipping time is 6 weeks. We will update you on shipping progress.
  • U.S. shipping included. Contact us for pricing for international addresses.

The perfect gift for your attendees. members and clients: Tackle Your Tech To-Do List Card Deck

At long last, we’re unveiling a game-changer in the tech world: the Tackle Your Tech To-Do List Card Deck.

Get ready to dive into a world where tech is fun, manageable and downright useful.

Your Tech Problems, Solved – One Card at a Time
Inside this 52-card deck, you’ll find easy, impactful ways to handle tech challenges. From mastering your emails to managing your devices, each card is a step towards tech mastery.

Covering All Your Tech Bases

  • Navigate digital distractions with ease
  • Find tech tools that fit just right
  • Become an email wizard
  • Prep for emergencies before they happen
  • Declutter your life online and in person

Fast Tips for Fast-Paced Lives
Each card not only offers a quick tech fix but also tells you how long it’ll take. Whether it’s a speedy 10-minute task or a more involved project, these cards fit into any schedule.

Bright, Bold, and Built for Your Desk
The deck isn’t just smart; it’s stylish. Bright and color-coded, it’s easy to use and a great addition to any desk. Compact and handy, it’s both a learning resource and a quick reference guide.

The Clock is Ticking – Grab Your Deck!
Looking for the perfect tech-savvy gift? Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer. The Tackle Your Tech To-Do List deck is the ideal present for anyone wanting to up their tech game.