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Your Nerdy Best Friend

6 Super Simple Steps to Online Security

$29  – Online Course

Passwords, phishing, privacy?

Pfttt! You're not alone if you would rather tally the numbers in the phone book than deal with your password problems. But you can't be a professional without taking responsibility for your personal online security – for the protection of yourself and your company.

Online security issues – and solutions – don't have to be boring, scary or ignored.

Author Beth Z, aka Your Nerdy Best Friend, will have you laughing and learning with the real facts about the threats you face using the technology at your fingertips. And, more importantly, you'll leave with practical tips and tools for breathing easier.

The BIGGER Book of Apps:

Your Nerdy BFF’s Guide to (Almost) Every App in the Universe

If you’re looking for technology to make your life easier – start here!

Your Nerdy Best Friend, aka Author Beth Z, has filtered through tens of thousands of apps and tech tools to find the perfect free and bargain technology that you can use today.

"Who knew there were so many cool, fun, helpful, amazing, creative apps for anything and any purpose? Only Beth Z! She keeps learning fun when you didn't know you needed to know it."

Candy Joyce, MTAR Association Executive

The BIGGER Book of Apps adds to Beth Z’s curated collection of tech tools to help today’s multitasking professionals. With almost 600 tools, this easy-to-read book is the best resource to keep on your desk to help you find the answer to today's biggest tech question: “Is there an app for that?”

Lights, Smartphone, ACTION!

$39  – Online Course

For years people have been asking me for more on all the amazing video tools that can magically and easily transform your images and video clips into share-worthy content.

At last we have the hands-on workshop you’ve been waiting for!

In just ONE afternoon, you’ll…

  • Improve your storytelling and video-creation skills for better multimedia content.
  • Evaluate different multimedia tools and apply strategies for their best uses in social media, marketing and communications.
  • Make your own videos with your own images.
  • Discover affordable resources for outsourcing more video work.