Compare My Docs: Easy version comparisons

Microsoft Word lets you compare two documents easily, but Compare My Docs goes several steps further. You can upload version after version (up to seven) and have the differences color coded in one document. Then you can choose which versions you want to compare (maybe yours and your boss’, but not your intern’s), and figure out which ones you want to keep.… Get the scoop...

Poll Everywhere: Free Audience Response System

Monday I’m speaking for the Western Association of Chamber Executives, and during our webinar dress rehearsal, the coordinators told me about Poll Everywhere.

Poll Everywhere is a free/low-cost replacement for the very expensive audience polling devices. Instead of handing out devices that connect to a man behind the curtain who creates a chart of results for the audience to see, a speaker can ask the audience to text their choice of responses from a poll he’s displaying, and the results are instantly communicated to a dynamic PowerPoint slide he can show.… Get the scoop... Cheap and easy web surveys

No less than three Cheapskate Freelancer readers recommended SurveyMonkey as “worth the money” in the June Giveaway (don’t miss this month’s giveaway — register now!).

SurveyMonkey lets you design surveys easily using more than a dozen question types. I’ve created simple forms for feedback from my clients as well as elaborate surveys with custom skip logic, graphic and customized filters.… Get the scoop...