CSS Sprite Generator: Create fast-loading web graphics

My good buddy Josh Cunningham from JoshCanHelp.com swears by this free tool. Honestly, its use is beyond my capabilities, but if Josh loves it, you may as well. This is about the best free web development tool I’ve ever seen. Go to the CSS Sprite Generator, upload all the images referenced in your CSS file, pick a few options, and …

Cool Text: Button and Logo Generator

Need a quick button for your site? I love this free tool. Cool Text creates simple logos and buttons in a few minutes. I’m more fond of the buttons than I am the logos, but they’re both worth a few minutes of experimentation. Sample Logo: Sample Button: Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator.

Wordle.net: Oodles of fun with words

Thanks to my baby sister for this wonderful site. Types words into a text book, and Wordle creates art out of your words. It works with a URL as well. My sister discovered this during a really boring class she had to take. She said they amused themselves all afternoon.