Hardware Review Extravaganza! Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire, Logitech Solar Keyboard

Today I gathered up some recent gadgets I’ve been wanting to share with you. Here are some short and almost-short reviews of three devices that you have been asking about.

Shortest Video: Logitech Solar Keyboard (less than two minutes)

Medium-Length Video: Amazon Fire HD (just over five minutes)

Longest Video: Amazon Echo (one second over seven minutes)

 … Get the scoop...

Microsoft Translator: The best app of the year

An American, a German and a Russian walk into a bar.

The American says, “Let’s all be friends. I’ll buy the next round!”

The German and the Russian smile awkwardly and go back to their phones.

They don’t speak English, so…

But then the German yells out a happy “Heiliger Strohsack!” and starts pointing to an app on his phone.… Get the scoop...