Release Your Inner Nerd: A Review

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my client/friend/fellow nerd Wade Koehler for his podcast review of Release Your Inner Nerd and the programs I did for his organization, FCSI–The Americas Division.

Best line: “I have spent so much money on apps that I blame her for.”

Best testimonial:
“I was so enamored with her… that I hired her on the spot… to do three events for me, not really sure how the food service consultants were going to take her.… Get the scoop...

Our Annual Gift to You: The Best of Your Nerdy BFF 2014

Every year (well, we started last year), we look back at our best issues of the NerdWords newsletter and our most popular (and important posts). Then we compile all the essential tools and news and synthesize them for your easy-reading pleasure.… Get the scoop...