Your Passwords Are Not Safe

“The Mother of All Breaches”

“Biggest EVER collection of breached data”

“An astonishing 773 million records exposed”

“Ooh, this is a big one.”

Do any of these headlines get your attention? The site HaveIBeenPwnd discovered a cache of emails and passwords called “Collection #1.” The data included records from previous hacks as well as millions of data points that had not previously been known.… Get the scoop...

VoteWithMe app: Another episode of #CreepyButHelpful

Happy Mid-Term Elections, everyone! I came across this app that you need to know about… not just because of the timing with the voting… it’s more about understanding the power of the data at your fingertips. #HelpfulButCreepy

The app is called VoteWithMe, and although it seems to have been created by people on one side of the fence, it certainly can be used by anyone who wants to rally people to vote for a favorite candidate or side.… Get the scoop...

Temporary Email Addresses to Manage Spam

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

A page you visit teases you with an offer for a wonderful tip sheet, white paper or other resource, all for free if you just enter your email address. But your email address is one of the most valuable facts about you, and every time you give it out, you risk exposures to hackers, spammers and more.… Get the scoop...

Why Everybody Is Mad at Facebook

All week long we’ve been hearing about outrage surrounding Facebook and a company called Cambridge Analytica. Here’s a cheat sheet to why everyone’s mad… and what we can do from here on out.

YO, YO, YO…. by the way… there is ZERO political commentary in this post.… Get the scoop...