New Video! Bump App Review

Another time-saving, super awesome app that will change the way you network. Watch this review of the Bump App for iOS and Android.

Three Free Tools for Valentine’s Day

It’s not too late to do something a little special for your Valentine, thanks to these three free tools: Send A Tagxedo Heart Get creative with a word art graphic from Tagxedo with key words about the one you love. Record an Eyejot Email Video Eyejot is a super cool site that lets you create quick video messages to send …

Cueprompter: Free teleprompter to speak like a pro

Many people are using wonderful free tools such as Jing (my favorite tool ever!) to create online presentations. Cueprompter is a quick and easy way to script your presentation so your “ums” and “wells” go away. Free teleprompter/autocue service. Cueprompter – The online prompter..

Ninite: A super-cool way to download common free programs

Oh, I love free stuff, and I love people who make it easier to download free stuff. Visit the Ninite site, and check off the free applications you want on your computer, such as Firefox, Chrome, iTunes, Audacity, Skype, AVG, Adobe Reader, Gimp… The list is fantastic! (And it reminds me of all the great tools I still need to …