Erica Meyer 

Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.

"I love all your virtual training seasons! I've improved my Zoom presentations due to your tips, tricks and technology recommendations. Thanks!"

Kate Van Auken

White Pine Library Cooperative

"I have shared your newsletter and website info with my 48 member libraries. I want them to know what an awesome resource you are for all things tech!"

Jo Wise

Greater Dayton Apartment Association

"Beth was the keynote speaker of our first virtual General Meeting in 2020. She was entertaining and engaging. She had all the attendees interacting as if we were in person... and the information she presented is useful both on and off the job."

Joy Marshall

Performance Planners LLC

"I love listening to NERDY Beth Z. She's entertaining while offering many great tips and education to help me with my business. Thank you for your NERDY but great offerings."

Amy Hallock

Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce

"Out of all the speakers I listened to at the WACE conference, Beth was my favorite. She is engaging and dynamic, and I hope my business can bring her in as a speaker one day!"

Melissa Dugas

Royal American Management

"I first saw Beth, with Nerdy BFF, on a Zoom Meeting in April 2020. Beth was great, and I have been following her and receiving her weekly emails since that call. I love her energy! She certainly made the meeting more interesting and lively!"

Kathleen Hinman


"Beth Z offers many relevant tips on communicating and promoting your business services and generating energy and engagement through social media."

Kevan Lyons

REALTORS® of Central Colorado

"Beth is the right blend of serious information and seriously fun!"

Brittany Coyle

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology

"I love My Nerdy Best Friend, Beth Z! Her tools are GENIUS and super helpful for work and everyday life."

Heather Blanchard

Industrial Asset Management Council

"I have been following Beth for years, and she never fails to teach me something new!"

Bernadette Patton

Leadership Liftoff

"Beth delivers. I’ve hired her, gifted her books and brainstormed new ideas. Go easy on yourself... Hire her today!"

Abi Young

Pennsylvania Music Educators Association

"I am so thankful for My Nerdy Best Friend Beth Z! I have learned so much from her books and session I've been able to attend. She has helped me find hidden technology gems to help keep me up to date and, in some cases, ahead of the curve."