About the Tools

You won’t believe how many free and low-cost tools and services you can find on the Internet. I found so many great tools that I decided to collect them in a blog of their own.

The driving philosophies behind the tools I share:

  1. This site is not for your IT department. It’s for normal folks who want to make their lives easier. My goal is to share tools that I would use. If I don’t understand what they’re supposed to do or how to use them, they’re probably not going to make the list.
  2. The posts are short summaries you can read in seconds. I want you to be able to glance at a tool and determine whether it has an application in your life.
  3. The tools truly are free or low cost. Companies have approached me with products that cost hundreds if not thousands a year. The salespeople think the cost is a great value, so they consider the price low cost for what you get. Sorry, but those kinds of tools don’t usually make it to the list. I may add a category called “Worth the Price,” which will list tools and services that you should splurge on.
  4. I evaluate each tool. When I find a new tool, I try to download it or register and try it out to make sure it’s not buggy or spammy or the like. You should see my applications list! Sometimes I use a throwaway email so I don’t get caught in a scam. Note: Just because it works on my computer doesn’t mean it will be great for yours. And you may piss off your IT department if you download a bunch of tools, no matter how cool they are.
  5. I’m always on the hunt for new tools! Feel free to send me your suggestions for the wonderful tools you’ve discovered. These are the tools you find on a Friday night when you’re surfing around, and you can’t wait to share with your colleagues at work. Ok, you may have a life that doesn’t involve Friday night surf-fests, but you get the picture.

Secret Tool Stash! I use StumbleUpon to find and bookmark tools. Check out my StumbleUpon account to see the tools I haven’t shared yet!