May 8

Password Managers: PasswordCard and YubiKey

Are you one of those people who just has to keep your password written down? PasswordCard can take that scrap of paper to a whole other level of security with a super secret password system.


Both the site and the mobile apps (Android and iOS) generate a complex card with random password characters. To create a password, you simply choose a row then a column to start, and then count the number of characters you need.

Let’s say I needed a 10-character password for Facebook. I’d make up some kind of mnemonic phrase such as, “Facebook says it’s gonna rain March 3” so I can remember to look in the umbrella column and the third row. Then I’d count 10 characters over, and there’s my password, accessible from the printed card or electronically via the app or website.

For $25, you could also purchase a YubiKey. Just push a button on this little USB device, and it’ll insert a crazy‐complicated password into any new password field. Then the next time you visit that site, you simply insert your YubiKey into the port, and your password appears. This sounds like an awesome solution for people who can keep track of all their little gadgets, but I know I’d lose the dang thing right away.

PasswordCard and YubiKey both made Beth’s Top Security list!

To get the true picture of PasswordCard, simply watch this short video.


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