March 31, 2015

April Fools 2015: A roundup of the day’s best online pranks


It’s time for the April Fool’s Day shenanigans that make us laugh at ourselves and wonder about the people who come up with this stuff.

Your Nerdy Best Friend will be updating this post with the new finds throughout the day. The scariest thing about these is that I swear some could be real. Check them all out!

This greeted me when I checked my calendar app this morning:

MS-DOS Mobile
And speaking of old Microsoft products…

Google Maps Pac-Man
Play Pac-Man on the streets with Google Maps Pac-Man

Galaxy BLADE edge: Chef’s Edition
The world’s first smart knife with smartphone capabilities

Richard Branson is moving Virgin Airlines to Branson, MO
Well, not really, even though it would have been totally cool to name a plane after Dolly Parton’s Jolene.

Selfie Sticks?
That’s yesterday’s news. How about selfie sticks for pets, selfie shoes, a car that takes selfies from 10 angles and a browser that captures your selfie reaction?

More cats?
Yes, please. Cats in bowls and cats in cars.

Amazing Apps and Great Gadgets? 
We got ’em. Use Wiffi to sniff out wifi connections. Store your emotional baggage with MakeSpace Emo. Ask questions of a smart, brilliant, adorable stuffed panda. Let your toddlers find their own friends online with Tinder for playdates. Or how about Uber for Tinder to hook up with a driver, or Tinder for Uber to share a ride with a match.

 Amazon parties like it’s 1999 with a retro site refresh.

Left-handed toilet paper? Yep.

Product Hunt has upvoted tons of great pranks today.


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