August 11

Best Screentime Manager for Kids? You guys say OurPact

This week’s question from the community came from Kevin┬áKevin Monaghan:

“Beth, is there a good app to control and limit a child’s screen time? Let us all know. Thank you.”

The answer is clear, according to two tech-savvy parents:

Rebecca Bates White: OURPACT. Works on any device. Worth the monthly fee to select which apps they can have access to when you lock them down so it doesn’t interfere with homework type apps. It’s wonderful when my son doesn’t respond to my text messages. I can lock him down, and it’s amazing how fast he will respond to me.

Steven Reames: Agreed. They just came out with Android version as well as IOS. I use it for my daughter’s iPhone, and the only thing that’s irritating is that at 9 PM it just deletes her icons on everything except for texting and phone calls, and she freaks out that it’s broken her phone. But in the morning, tada, they’re all back. They’re rolling out a lot of new features this summer.


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