June 25, 2021

How to add subtitles and typography to videos


Words in videos can serve multiple purposes, from catching people’s eyes to providing closed captioning for people with disabilities. Here are three of my favorite tools to use words with video.

A Sentence: Animate a sentence with Typomotion

A company called Tyle just created Typomotion, a quick little tool that lets you write a sentence for instant animation. Without registering you can choose from a few different audio soundtracks, some graphic effects, colors/backgrounds, etc. I registered to play around a little more. It took me about 15 minutes to make this:

A List: Make a quick listicle with Wave.video

I stumbled on Wave.video through my favorite discount app tool, AppSumo. It has quickly become one of my favorite collection of fun video templates for instant multimedia. In addition to hundreds (thousands?) of templates, Wave.video has built-in stock images and videos to choose from, as well as a free level to try everything out. In a matter of minutes, I used it to create this list.

I’ve also used it for some fun promos because I like the way it transcribes as you talk (but I like Milk Videos better. See the next tool below.)

A Video: Read-along-with-me transcriptions and captioning

Milk Video has a weird name, but I love how it transcribes your videos then helps the reader follow along by changing the words as you go. Yes, Wave.video does the same thing on some of its templates. But Milk Video does it better and is dedicated to this one task. Its original purpose is to spotlight webinar highlights, but I love it for promos and videos where I talk straight to the camera.


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