June 23

AI Coming to an App Near You

As I’ve mentioned before, if you feel like you’re running behind everyone else in your knowledge of ChatGPT, fear not. The AI functionality of these tools are coming to the apps and tech tools you use every day. Here’s a preview:

Microsoft Copilot:
Chatting is the new doing

What if you could just tell your computer what you want to accomplish, and it organized everything you need to get things done? That’s what Microsoft is trying to do with Copilot. I’m a little confused about when we’ll see the functionality on our own devices, but it looks like it’ll be part of Windows 11 this year.

Google Write with Me:
Writing help where you need it

Google Workspace is the company’s Microsoft 365-type suite. Google is now beta testing AI features they call Google Duet that help you compose emails in Gmail, analyze data in Sheets, add images in Slides and write content in Docs. I don’t pay for Workspace, but they still let me sign up for the Workspace Lab beta here.

Google Generative Search:
Instant search results that upend SEO as we know it

I’ve been using the new Google Generative Search feature for a couple weeks now, and it’s pretty cool. You enable it through Google Labs, then just Google like normal. Instead of a page of links, you’ll get an AI-generated answer, and you can ask follow up questions in natural language to get the info you need. It’s also backed by real links to real pages, so it’s not all made up.

Dropbox Dash:
Universal search

This week Dropbox announced that it was integrating AI into a search platform that will help you find content no matter where it’s stored, used, sent, seen or created. Dropbox Dash in beta right now. I’m on the waitlist, so I’ll let you know what it’s like. In the meantime, here’s a quick video:

Apple Vision Pro:
Hardware of the Future?

Yes, I’m already putting money aside with hopes that I’ll be able to snag one of the first Apple Vision Pros off the line. Yes, I know that this $3500 virtual/mixed reality device may be a bust (#GoogleGlass) or may go way down in price and up in functionality. But these new headsets are getting rave reviews, and I. Want. One.

P.S. — I added Apple’s newest hardware tool because the company is not really jumping into the AI world like Microsoft and Google are. Stay tuned!


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