October 9

Transforming Our Worlds Through Tech and AI: Unleashing Brilliance

Embark on a transformative journey through a compelling series of "Fast Five" articles united under the overarching title "Transforming Our Worlds Through Tech and AI: Unleashing Brilliance."

This collection illuminates the profound impact of technology and artificial intelligence across various facets of our lives. Discover how these innovations are reshaping industries, redefining healthcare, revolutionizing education, enhancing our understanding of history, and fostering sustainable practices for a brighter future. Join us on this captivating exploration of how tech and AI are unlocking unprecedented brilliance in our rapidly evolving world.


Despite Demand, Only 13% of Employees Offered AI Training Last Year

Y’all … really?? I’ve been telling you about this forever! You really need to help your people.


Zoom Rebrands Existing (And Intros New) Generative AI Features

Zoom is integrating several AI features directly into the system. Other major...


One In Four Workers Fears Being Considered 'Lazy' If They Use AI Tools

If your company sets up guidelines for using AI, you will avoid this...


Tiny Caribbean Island Will Rake In As Much As $30M For Doing Nothing

This is a crazy unintentional benefit from the AI craze.


Tired of Typing? How To Use ChatGPT With Your Voice...

I’m more creative writing-wise when I type. But this is handy.

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