June 14

Photovisi: Create a photo collage in minutes

A running buddy of mine who, like me, raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team in Training and wanted to make a collage of pictures from our last running season. I’m going to send her to Photovisi, a cool site that makes collages in a flash.

Without registering, you can choose a template, upload photos, then save your collage and download. I bet putting together a great collage of our pictures from the season would take her about 15 minutes. Way cool.

Photovisi is 100 percent free. Way cool as well.

Photovisi – Collage photo effects.

PS — want to see some of my (slightly humiliating) running pictures from Team in Training seasons? You need to click here. Oh, and if you’ve ever saved money from a tool on this blog, I’d appreciate a small contribution! Or a big contribution!


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