September 30

TinyLetter: Teeny Tiny Email Newsletters for the Rest of Us


MailChimp has definitely become my favorite newsletter provider for my business newsletters, and since they have a robust free level, I have often recommended the service to individuals who just need a quick newsletter — like when they’re raising money for charity by running a marathon and want to be able to share their journey with friends and family.

But for individuals, MailChimp pointed out that its software can be overkill. Why design a whole newsletter when all you really need is a nice group email blast? So MailChimp made TinyLetter a part of its company. TinyLetter is a free group email blast program that lets you create a mailing list and a simple newsletter. The marriage of those two companies makes MailChimp the perfect go-to provider for free and super-bargain newsletters for anyone.

Watch the following video for an overview of how easy it is to create a newsletter with TinyLetter.


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