December 7

‘Tis the Season: Online holiday card options

If you’re stressed about getting your holiday cards in the mail this year, perhaps it’s time to go digital. Here’s a sample of reasonably priced online greeting options with a little pizazz.

My favorite: Paperless Post

I love Paperless Post and have used them for years. The service sends elegant emails that look like envelopes, and they open dramatically with a click. These days they have lots of free cards, or you can buy credits to send the premium ones.

View a sample of a Paperless Post greeting.


Elegant Animations: Jacquie Lawson and Ojolie

Each of these services is $12 a year for as many cards as you like. They’re beautiful and kind of old-fashioned.

View a sample of Jacquie Lawson.


View a sample from Ojolie.


JibJab: Irreverent but funny. Very funny.

This service is also $12 a year, and it allows you to insert disturbing personalized pictures into animations. Some of them are, well, disturbing. And some are a little rude. But they’re definitely amusing and fun.

View a sample of a JibJab video starring yours truly (mildly disturbing).


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