July 8, 2013

Animoto: Instant video from pictures, videos and text


unnamedAnimoto is one of those tools that makes the crowds go “WOW” and look at you in wonder.

The premise is incredibly simple: Gather 10 or more pictures, throw in a title and choose a theme and soundtrack – then push a button. PRESTO! Animoto instantly creates a perfectly timed, perfectly professional, perfectly awesome video that can showcase your event, your boss’s retirement, your kid’s prom preparations, your company’s products – you name it. And when you share the video, your audience will whisper, “Wow, how did she do that?”

Animoto is just plain cool, with an intuitive interface and fun graphics. It’s won all kinds of awards including a Crunchy and a Webby, and you can even use it to create high-quality DVD videos.

The mobile apps (Android and iOS) make the tool even more awesome. Snap pictures of your exhibitors for a dynamic thank-you video at the closing session, or make a montage on the fly of the award winners from your luncheon. Everything you need to produce the video is on your mobile device, and it takes just minutes to render.

The music and themes are built into the program, or you can use your own soundtrack (if you own the rights). It has quite a few templates to choose from, and every once in a while it throws in another.

Animoto made Beth’s Top Graphic Tools list!



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