GrooveBook: Printed photo albums from your smartphone

I was speaking at a conference the other day, and a breathless nerd found me after the presentation to share her most exciting find: GrooveBook! The concept is almost too good to be true. For $2.99 a month, you choose 100 photos from your phone, and GrooveBook prints them and sends you a 4.5×6.5″ album of perforated pictures, perfect for keeping or sharing.

Let me go back to the pricing again… it’s $2.99/month including shipping! I guess the trick is they punched a hole in the book to make it flexible so it ships at a very inexpensive rate. The inventors were featured on the tv show Shark Tank, where they secured funding and promotional help to make this app a success. I was skeptical about this product at first — I mean, for three bucks, the photos must be cheap and flimsy, right? Wrong! The little album is adorable, and the pictures make great giveaways.

GrooveBook is a way cool idea for both your personal photos and your organization’s next event — imagine snapping pictures all night long at your company’s reception then gifting the album to your boss. You’ll be a hero!


GrooveBook – Your Photos Revolutionized.

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