June 26

The Emotions and Feelings of a Road Warrior

Those of us who live on the road have a variety of ups and downs, or at least I do. The other day on a plane I categorized some of the feelings and emotions that hit me on my travels.

ImaginationIn the airport

Superior: when I flip my wrist to use my boarding pass on the Apple Watch.

Embarrassed: when my Watch boarding pass doesn’t work and I have to dig for my phone.

Swift-footed: when there’s no one in the TSA Pre-Check lane and I sail through.

Competitive: when I pick out a traveler in the next security lane to see if I chose the faster line.

Exasperated: when I settle into an airport chair next to a power outlet and unpack all my cords only to discover that the outlet is dead.

Proud: when I walk around the terminal and get my 10k steps instead of sitting on my duff during a layover.

Disappointed: when I fire up the Uber app in baggage claim and discover they’re prohibited in that town.

Abandoned: when everyone else’s hotel shuttle picks up guests and I’m waiting on a bench for another half an hour.

Delighted: when I am browsing an airport shop and discover an orange purse.

Determined: when I march past yummy bakeries and skip the yummy cupcakes.

Addicted: when I promise myself that I’ll just play one more game of solitaire and then I’ll get to work — and 40 minutes later….

Important: when the organization sends a driver to pick me up and my name is on a sign.

Prepared: when TripIt alerts me of a gate change or other travel news.

Annoyed: when I get four travel alerts from TripIt and another three from the airline.

Uneasy: when someone in baggage claim picks a bag off the belt that looks just like mine.

At Peace: when my bag appears on the belt.

Productive: when I dictate instructions to my assistant with Siri as I walk briskly from one gate to another on a tight connection.

Connected: when I have enough time in between flights to call my family for a chat.

Respectful: when World War II veterans on an Honor Flight receive standing ovations from other passengers as they pass by with wheelchairs and walkers.

Unprepared: when I forget to check the weather and I show up in a snowstorm with no coat.

Experienced: when I know to skip the first restroom after we get off the plane and hit the second one to avoid long lines.

Educated: when I devour news on my phone on the go.

Panicked: when I have 4% battery left on my phone and I still need to summon Uber.

Hassled: when I’m hauling two suitcases, one briefcase and my purse through an airport and the phone rings.

Wistful: when I have a layover in Denver and don’t have time to visit my family.

On the plane

Joyous: when a mom warns me that she’s holding seats for three kids under th
e age of 6.

Attentive: when the flight attendant explains instructions to those of us in the exit row.

Jealous: when the pilot says, “Check out the beautiful view on the left” and I’m on the right.

Defiant: when I silently wrestle for the arm rest with a guy in a suit.

Weak: when I lose the battle and end up scrunching my shoulders together the whole flight.

Grateful: when the middle seat remains empty.

Relaxed: when I score an upgrade to first class and settle into the leather seat.

Curious: when I visit the lavatory and ponder the Mile High Club. I mean … How? Why? WHY?

Friendly: when I make small talk with the other people in line for the bathroom.

Dehydrated: when I cut back on beverages before a long flight so I don’t have to potty.

Worried: when the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign comes on while I’m in the lavatory.

Tickled: when the Southwest Airlines flight attendant hands me the peanuts AND a 100-calorie snack pack.

Deprived: when I’m trying to cut calories and have to refuse the snack.

Trapped: when my Watch tells me to stand up and move around on a three-hour flight.

Irritated: when my Watch tells me to stand up and move around and I AM standing!

Unexplainably Excited: when the plane experiences unusual turbulence.

Restless: when the flight lasts more than three hours.

Guilty: when I realize that I forgot to give the trash in my seat back pocket to the flight attendant on her last pass through the cabin.

Accomplished: when I finish a project on the plane.

Amused: when the flight attendants add humor to the safety demonstration.

Uncomfortable: when the plane is stuck on the runway and the air conditioning hasn’t kicked in.

Aunt-Like (Not Quite Maternal): when a cute kid plays peekaboo from the next row.

Pudgy: when the passengers in my row don’t move into the aisle and I have to squeeze by them to go to the bathroom.

Uncommunicative: when a chatterbox who orders three drinks tries to strike up a conversation.

Mortified: when I fall asleep on the plane and wake myself up with a loud snort.

Enthusiastic woman in bathtub with tabletAt the hotel

Desperate: when I beg the hotel staff for a late checkout so I can change into traveling clothes after a presentation.

Special: when the meeting organizer or hotel manager arranges for a little snack tray in my room before I arrive.

Wary: when I arrive late and the cheese or fruit has been sitting at room temperature for hours.

Cheated: when the in-room coffee setup only has decaf or just powdered creamer.

Like a kid: when I have to go to bed at 8 to make up for jet lag.

Sad: when I set my alarm and realize that I have less than six hours before it goes off.

Discombobulated: when I switch time zones for consecutive programs.

Resigned: when my hair won’t cooperate before a presentation.

Sneaky: when I roll out of bed to grab the free breakfast and hope nobody sees me with bed head, eye bags and pillow marks on my cheeks.

Smart: when I remember to hang up my presentation clothes the night before so the wrinkles fall out.

Wrinkled: when I forget and my outfit is, well, wrinkled.

Aged: when the hotel bathroom has a lighted magnifying mirror and I can see every flaw.

Blind: when the hotel bathroom doesn’t have a lighted mirror and I can’t get close enough to the mirror to put on my eye makeup.

Pampered: when there’s a big bathtub and a fluffy robe.

Reclusive: when I have an extra day in a fun town and I spend it working in my room instead of exploring the city.

Homesick: when I’m on the road for more than three days. 

Nerd with MicrophoneAt a program

Organized: when I prepare for a big trip with multiple programs and I carefully prepare a gallon-sized freezer bag for each.

Thrilled: when I find a nerdy somethin’-somethin’ that I can share with you guys.

Loved: when people come to greet me after a session.

Energized: when I am setting up before a presentation and attendees start arriving.

Ravenous: when I’m a luncheon speaker and forgot to ask for my meal before the presentation and have to watch the audience devour their cheesecakes.

Overjoyed: when the A/V guys are prepared and attentive and the Internet connection is blazing fast!

Rushed: when the room is huge and I have to put Nerdy Bingo cards on all the tables before the attendees arrive.

Appreciative: when early arrivals volunteer to help.

Nimble: when I have to cut my program short, and I can adapt the presentation on the fly.

Off Guard: when I add extra customizations to a presentation and forget what is up next.  

On the way home

Elated: when I switch on my phone on touchdown and my hubby’s text comes in that he’s waiting in baggage claim.

Even More Elated: when I see him waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

Spoiled: when my hubby wrestles with my bags and sends me in the house so I can see the kitties.

Ignored: when the cats snub me after a trip.

Ahhhh: when I’m headed home after a long trip and I can quit working and read a book while enjoying an adult beverage.

Excessive: when my posts go on and on and on.





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  • Great post – thanks. Been there, done that for a good number of your points.
    Take care and be well.

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