March 2

There’s got to be a better way! Apps to play with kids

Help a Nerd Out! 

This question from Sandy M. is a little different.There's Got to Be a Better Way

“Beth, my two kids love playing with my phone, but I’d like to find an app that we could have fun with together. What are other parents using to spend time with their kids — to learn or just have fun?”

Beth Z. I play The Room, a puzzle game, with my two nephews. It’s a beautiful logic puzzle that exercises our brains — and entertains us for hours.

Paul G. Well, mostly, we watch each other play. They love to do more of the computer based together or the old arcade games!

Heidi W. We play Song Pop. App plays a brief moment of a song and you either guess the name of the song or the artist. Lots of genre’s to pick from. And helps get a good idea of what kids are listening to when we’re not around.

Kim Z. My favorite is Head’s Up – they have a few good kid-friendly decks and keep my niece and nephew entertained!

Jenny M. Geocaching!! it’s a GPS based treasure hunt that you can play with your smartphone. It requires you all to actually leave the house though – sometimes into the woods, an old cemetery, parks, and more. The fun part about it is you get to combine technology with the outdoors all around the world! Find out more at!

No doubt some kids – and adults – will be trying these out soon. Until next week, nerds!


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