October 21

Spoil.io: Send cupcakes and more to people you love

Those of you who know me well will understand my obsession with cupcakes. So you know how excited I was when I found a new service that promises to send anyone in the US a cupcake (and other treats) within a couple of hours.

Spoil.io is an app (iOS only right now) that lets you quickly order treats around the country. The service relies on existing delivery services (such as Postmates) to rush your gift to anyone in the US the same day. You can send to people in your address book as long as you have a mobile phone number for the person because the system sends automated texts. They’ll deliver balloons, baked goods, stuffed animals, champagne… even a $75 Swarovski crystal.


When I read about the app, I immediately downloaded it and ordered macarons for my sister — and a cupcake for me. Here’s what happened.

The Case of the Supersize Cupcake

The first gift to arrive was the cupcake. It came within three hours. Here’s a picture of the guy who showed up.


Notice anything (wonderful) about the cupcake? Surprise! It’s a whole cake from┬áNothing Bundt Cakes! Somehow the store sent a birthday cake for a guy named Eric instead of my modest little cupcake. I grilled the driver about the error, but he verified that he was given this order for my name. The delivery guy was only earning five bucks for his work, so I think he didn’t see any ROI on straightening out the mess. After I ate a piece of Eric’s cake, I called the bakery to let them know about the mistake, warning them that they could not have this cake back. ­čÖé

This error was on the bakery’s end, but another weird thing happened with my sister’s macarons.

The Case of the Missing Macarons

My sister lives in a semi-remote area north of Denver, so I was curious to see what kind of delivery service would show up. Her treat showed up about four hours after the order.

My sister and her younger son adore macarons, and Sarah received the automated notification that she was going to get some, she was thrilled. But then the gift arrived. Surprise! She received a random selection of baked goods instead of the promised macarons.


Sarah said the treats were yummy, but they certainly weren’t macarons. I contacted customer service, who said that they sometimes have to make substitutions. But the site didn’t say anything about that, and Sarah had received a notification that she would be getting macarons.

Would I Use Spoil Again?

Youbetcha! It’s a quick, fun, relatively inexpensive way (in terms of same-day delivery) to say thanks or I love you or you deserve a cupcake.


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  • Love the idea. Hate that the delivery ppl are paid so little – are they reimbursed for gas? Paid mileage? How is this better or worse than other services?

    Ps: What happened to Eric’s bday surprise??

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