April 20

Tools to Keep Track of the Kiddos: Life360 and Glympse

My wonderful husband is a crazy Ironman triathlete-turned avid camper, and he’s frequently on all-day bike rides or multi-hour hikes. When I haven’t heard from him in a while, my worry gene kicks in. So I use the Find iPhone app to track him down. #creepybuthelpful

If you have more people to keep track of, the parents in my sessions have recommended these apps and tools.

Family Location and Communication System
Life360 eliminates the text messages that ask, “Are you there yet?” Once you set up your “circles,” you can view family members on a map, send messages and receive alerts when they arrive at home, school or work. Parents in my sessions love being able to rest easy knowing everyone is safe and sound. New and premium features include crash alerts, stolen phone protection and round-the-clock access to a live person for emergency help as well as roadside assistance (like a family-oriented OnStar with a side of AAA).

Simple Location Sharer
If you’re a worrywart and want to stalk track your loved ones, Glympse is a fast, free app that shares your location. You can share your location for a set amount of time, alert people of your travel plans and set up a group to track everyone. People can stalk track each other through the apps or online.


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