There’s got to be a better way! Newsletter Services



David J. wants to know… what newsletter service are you using? Help a nerd out!

Alan D: Blatant plug alert. I work for Mapp Digital and we do newsletters all the way to major campaigns.

Julie P: 1ShoppingCart…does cart, affiliate, newsletter, database…all in one convenient spot. Simplero is another all in one option that may be worth looking at depending upon your needs beyond just the newsletter publishing.

Helen Z: BombBomb – I know when they are sent, who opens them, who clicks on any links, which links and if they watch any video links too. This makes follow up super easy, when wondering who is engaging. I can also insert a personal video message too.

Sean M: My association uses MailChimp sending campaigns to 600+ people at a time. I love the opens and clicks reports MailChimp generates but I’m not convinced MailChimp emails aren’t seen as spam and stopped by corporate level spam filters.

Karen H: RealMagnet but soon switching to Informz for marketing automation- newsletter goes to about 10k plus about 1200 members with those notifications etc.

Tracy B: Constant Contact but since the recent changes to the program, I’m looking to change. I was not happy with the functionality they removed with the “upgrade”

Christine M: Hospice & Palliative Care Federation of Massachusetts uses YourMembership, sending between 700-800 per newsletter.

Melissa H: We’re using Salesforce (for now). Following to see what might be new!

Shelly R: Constant Contact, but we are looking to try something new, too….

Jeanne M: MailChimp for one client, Constant Contact for another client, and a membership database platform for a third. Of those, I prefer MailChimp.

Amanda B: Constant Contact but I’m not in love with it. Certainly some kinks and little things that bug me.

Sue W: My IREM group is using iContact, and my ACC group is using Real Magnet. I like the formatting and tracking a little better on Real Magnet

Jo M: Mailchimp but we are interested in trying something different too.

Chris C: Any suggestions for a newsletter app that takes in your website news blogs by way of RSS feed?

Barbara Z: Following! Constant Contact but worry about spamming like many others

Bonnie D: Mailchimp

Doreen M: Constant Contact

Julie R: Mailchimp

Aileen R: We use Mailchimp

Donna D: MultiView – awesome service with revenue!

Shara M: Constant Contact

John D: ActiveCampaign

There's Got to Be a Better Way

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