May 17

FotoFlexer: An online photo editor that deserves a thumbs up

When it comes to free and low-cost photo editing software and webware, Picnik is my sentimental favorite, and GIMP is the industry standard. But somewhere along the way I stumbled across FotoFlexer, and I may be in love.

FotoFlexer has the ease of Picnik and some of the advanced features of GIMP. FotoFlexer lets you add special effects, plus it can create layers, merge photos, erase ex-boyfriends from family photos, etc.  The best thing is that the interface (while not as cool as Picnik’s) is certainly much easier to understand than GIMP’s. That makes it easy for word people like me to edit and create graphics to be proud of.

Just this morning I was working on a client’s blog and transformed this…

Into this avatar…

I was able to take out the unneeded text and close up the square… without the need of a cupcake to handle the stress. It took about 5 minutes. Makes me feel like a pro.

FotoFlexer – The worlds most advanced online photo editor.



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