July 5

File Converters and Openers: FileInfo, File Viewer, Free Opener and Zamzar

Untitled4Don’t waste a moment of your precious time trying to fight with a file that won’t open. Free downloadable software such as File Viewer for Mac or Free Opener for Windows will allow you to instantly peek into dozens of file types without having to hunt for specialty software or download a new program.

And Zamzar is even more handy. This file conversion tool has saved my hide multiple times. Simply visit the site, upload a file, choose what you want to turn it into and press a button. In a matter of minutes, your file is transformed into the format you need.

Wait, there’s more! You can convert files via email as well, just by writing to [format]@zamzar.com. For example, you can send your Microsoft Word file to pdf@zamzar.com; and in a few minutes, you’ll receive a link to your new pdf. Or you can send your PDF to doc@zamzar.com, and the opposite happens. It’s magic either way.

When extensions look suspicious, I head over to FileInfo to check them out before clicking. The site is kept up to date with every possible file extension. You can search by file type (audio, game, executables, etc.) or simply enter the extension into the search engine. Once you know what you’re dealing with, the site gives you a list of applications that will open it.

Zamzar made Beth’s Top Office Software list!


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