April 10

SafeTrek: Peace of mind at your fingertips

Have you ever seen Creepy Stalker Guy hanging out near your car in a dark parking lot? Or felt uncomfortable answering a knock at the door in a hotel?

This week when I spoke for the Sussex County Women’s Council of REALTORS, I learned about SafeTrek, a tool that ALL of us should have.IMG_0759

This clever app was developed by college students for college students. If you’re worried about your safety, you open the app with one tap then hold your thumb on the big button and just keep walking. When you take your thumb off the button, you have 10 seconds to put in a code. If the code is not entered, the system is notified, and they send your location, name and number to the nearest police station.

I guess we’ll have to trust that it works because I’m scared to do a test run and end up with a hotel room full of policemen. After a 7-day free trial, you’ll pay just $3.99 a month.

As I mentioned, a REALTOR told me about this app, and I can imagine that people in that profession have many opportunities to use it, such as an open house or a showing with an unknown client. With this tool, you can keep a finger on your security with your phone casually by your side while still pointing out the cozy breakfast nook and the luxurious soaking tub.


SafeTrek App – Hold Until Safe Mobile Personal Safety.


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