October 14

There’s got to be a better way! Convert a document to a PDF from your phone

Help a nerd out! This week’s question from the community: “What is the best app for scanning documents to turn them into PDFs from your phone?”

There's Got to Be a Better Way
My very favorite scanning app is Microsoft’s Office Lens, and two of you agreed with me… plus a few others added even more favorites. Great job!

Dorea A: I use TurboScan and like it a lot.

Ron S: Tiny Scan. Love it!

Missy P: I LOVE Office Lens. It is easy to use and overcomes the oddball angles I sometimes am forced to capture the image from. Plus, it has lots of formats you can save the document simultaneously to!

Gianna C: Camscanner! So easy to use and email to yourself in any file format!

Steven D: Office Lens

Super answers. Until next week, nerds!



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