May 19

There’s Gotta Be a Better Way! Health and Fitness Apps

You guys mentioned several new-to-me apps to help us all move more and eat better. Thanks for chiming in! Add some more if you have other ideas. :)

Top Answer: MyFitnessPal (with a Couple of Helper Apps)

NerdHerder Gianna Caruso loves MyFitnessPal. Janet Dufour says MyFitnessPal is great for recording your calories, adding that, “Fitstar for daily workouts is great especially when you travel.” MyFitnessPal is great for recording your calories!

And Celisse Collier adds, “I’ve use MyFitnessPal  in the past and currently using lose it to track my foods. For fitness, I use a community called Transformation Nation with Abby Pollock. This girl not only provides workouts but the science to why you are doing the moves and how it will help you.” Donna Denley touts MapMyRun (or walk or bike ride or lawn mowing). “It links in with MyFitnessPal where you can store your own or web recipes and make adjustments as needed. Awesome!”

Other Options: Pact, JEFIT

Steve Folstein says, “Pact is the best. You pledge to pay for any workout you miss or day you don’t track your food. If you don’t complete your pact you pay into the pool; the money is divided among the people who did complete their pacts. Having money on the line gets you to the gym!”

And a new one for me comes from Crystal Newton. “I’ve enjoyed JEFIT – it has workout plans that include mini demos and you can create your custom versions. For the gym or home.”


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