September 25

AI’s Ways of Revolutionizing Health and History …

Join me in a #FastFive exploration of a diverse range of cutting-edge articles that shed light on the multifaceted realm of AI and its far-reaching impact on the areas of medical sciences, humanizing historical events, and more.


AI Holograms Help Museums Tackle Holocaust, Slavery

AI could humanize some of the most difficult periods in history. This is fascinating stuff.


A Stroke Stole Her Ability To Speak At 30. AI Is Helping...

Yes, we are all worried about the effect that AI will have, but when I read stories about this, all I can see is the good.


Samsung’s Galaxy Ring: Revolutionising Health Monitoring...

My Apple Watch is all I’m using for health monitoring, and the tech is getting better and better.


AI Could Conduct 10,000 Scientific Experiments a Day, According To Study

Scientific research is going to take a monumental leap forward with the use of AI. Hold onto your hat...


Artificial Intelligence Early Adopters In The Workplace Are Profiting

These are fascinating statistics about how people perceive artificial intelligence can help them on the job and with their careers.

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