November 6

The Fascinating World of Health And Tech Driven By AI

Step into the fascinating world of health and technology with a collection of three health-related articles and two other captivating pieces.

In the first article, "AI Software Revolutionizes Melanoma Detection," we explore how AI is enhancing the accuracy of melanoma detection, potentially saving lives by identifying skin cancer with unparalleled precision.

Next, in "The AI Gym: Virtual Trainers at Your Service," we journey into a tech-driven fitness revolution, where virtual trainers are shaping the future of personal wellness and exercise, making workouts more engaging and effective than ever.

Shifting our focus to the evolving landscape of health and wellness, "Tech Wearables as Modern Mood Rings" uncovers how our tech wearables are becoming insightful tools to monitor and interpret our emotional states, bridging the gap between technology and mental health.

Intriguingly, "Permission Slip: Deleting Your Online History" introduces a practical solution that empowers individuals to erase their digital footprints, highlighting the importance of privacy in an increasingly interconnected world.

Join us on this enthralling exploration where health, technology, and innovation intersect, offering insights into groundbreaking advancements and unconventional solutions, all designed to improve and streamline our lives.


AI Software Has 100% Melanoma Detection Rate

The medical breakthroughs with AI just keep coming.


Welcome To the AI Gym Staffed By Virtual Trainers

I think it’s interesting that each person can have their own personal trainer.


Tech Wearables Are Turning Into Mood Rings

I have yet to use the mood-tracking features on my new Apple Watch, but...


Permission Slips Help You Delete Your Personal History From Websites

In the world where every new app has AI, this delightfully simple concept is refreshing. And smart.


Cardboard Cutouts Cast Incredible Shadow Art That Transforms

One of my colleagues had a great insight after she heard about this... She said that physical art would stand out as the most creative and intriguing.

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