February 17, 2017

Let Charlie do your research for you: Automated contact briefings


When you’re meeting with a prospective client, employer or just a new contact, it’s best to do your homework. You should take a few minutes to read through the company profile, the LinkedIn facts and other interesting tidbits that will show your contact that you’re paying attention.

But if you’re like me, you will run out of time before you complete your searches. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just served up the info you need into one handy summary?

Yup. There’s an app for that.

Connect your cloud-based calendar and contact lists to the Charlie App, and the system will search your calendar for upcoming meetings. An hour before the rendezvous, Charlie sends you a short email with publicly available info for your attendees and their companies.

The founder of Charlie, Aaron Franzin, reached out to me some time ago, and the app appears in my latest book. (He also became part of the NerdHerd!). Yesterday I checked in with Aaron about the financial health of the app, and he said they’ve discovered a strong revenue stream as an add-on for Salesforce.

That’s great news for you and me because it means we can use the web-based tool for free!

Please watch my 4-minute video on the features. One important point I forgot to mention: Charlie does the best research when you use the best email addresses. If you use a person’s personal email address when her LinkedIn account uses the business, you’re not going to get great results.

Also, check out the other post about meetings that I wrote this week.



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