July 29

AI can design your illustrations (and bring your nightmares to life)

I have mentioned Google’s image generator (Imogen) that lets you describe the image you want, and artificial intelligence builds it for you. (Play with it here).

Bigger than Google

Google was not the first to release this technology. The biggie is DALL-E 2, and you can put your name on the waitlist to get access now. My friends at my favorite AI writing company have early access to DALL-E 2, and I asked them to write “Nerdy cat with glasses working on a computer.” In seconds we had these:

Free to Try Yourself

Another researcher built a version that anyone can use. He originally called it DALL-E Mini, but DALL-E folks didn’t like that much because it wasn’t a part of DALL-E. So now it’s called Craiyon, which I think is much more clever.

Although Craiyon also lets you write text to transform into a real image, the results are not quite as photorealistic. In fact, they might freak you out. I had artsy but recognizable results with a prompt of Coca-Cola.

And this one:

This one wasn’t so bad:

This prompt was phenomenal.

And this one didn’t turn out that bad:

But when you ask it to conjure people…. oh. lord.

I’m sorry you had to see that. Now go play with it yourself.


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