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Four reasons I love my Apple Watch

I was walking down a hotel hallway the other day and I fell.





I mean, one second I was striding through the corridor with confidence. Then the next second I was 100% on the ground with my nose on the carpet.

It was one of those epic falls that make you YouTube famous if someone gets it on film.

In the squintellinth of a second before I knew if I was hurt or not (I wasn’t), I felt a hard tap on my wrist. And that tap made me decide right then and there that everyone can benefit from a smartwatch in 2023. (I just got my Apple Watch Series 9).

Apple Watch Fall Detection

I picked my nose off the carpet to look at my Apple Watch and saw this message:

Apple watch message: It looks like you've taken a hard fall.

I’m in love with this feature. I didn’t need to be rescued this time, but just knowing that my watch might proactively help me in an emergency is everything. This feature is available on Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4 or later, or Apple Watch Ultra. I wish my father wore a watch because this would be great for peace of mind.

Lost Device Alerts

Another reason I adore my Watch is because it helps me prevent other emergencies, such as a lost phone. I regularly use my Watch to make a sound on my phone so I can locate it. And here’s what happened when I dropped my phone in an airport last year. Watch to the rescue!

Apple Maps Integration

I’ve been driving to a lot of gigs lately. Many of the rental cars don’t have Apple CarPlay so I have to prop my phone in the center console somewhere to try to look at Google Maps. But when I use Apple Maps, my Watch echoes the directions and even gives me haptic alerts before I need to turn.

Having the directions on my wrist rather than having to look at the phone just makes sense and keeps me safe.


And I guess the best thing about having a smartwatch these days is just how much dang fun they are. The latest update to Apple Watch is the Peanuts watch face. Y’all, I could watch it all day. In fact, one day I pretty much did.

Do You Need the Newest Apple Watch?

Nope! Not at all. I just bought the Apple Watch 9, and I could have picked up an earlier version with all these bells and whistles and none of the new-new pricing. And Android-based watches are great, too. They’re all integrating safety features with productivity tools and whimsy.

Today’s smartwatches are just getting better and more fun. And I’m here for all of it.


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  • The Apple watch feature that notices if you’ve fallen is unfortunately one that I’ve experienced too. After I clicked that I was OK, it asked me again a few minutes later because I was still sitting on the sidewalk and hadn’t gotten up yet. “Are you sure you’re OK?” A friend of mine was so disoriented by a fall that the watch actually did alert the paramedics for her. So, yes, this feature is worth the cost of the watch.

  • I love my Apple watch also. I have the series 9, my third. My daughter has the first one that I bought and my husband has my second, so they do not go to waste. The feature that I use most is the integration with my Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGM) which many diabetics use. Instead of having to grab my phone and check what my blood sugar is and take the appropriate steps if my blood sugar is high or low, I just turn my wrist and, voila, there it is, on the face of my watch, yes, it is an available complication that I can include on my watch face. I can’t imagine wearing something other than my Apple Watch

  • I love the fact that I can find my phone with my watch (I have a Garmin smartwatch). That comes in so handy. I also like being able to see who is calling (or at least see what number is calling – my watch apparently doesn’t play well with my phone’s contact list) so I can have a sense of whether or not I can just ignore the call, text, email, or whatever. I’m thinking about switching to a Samsung so it will display contact names better. I love that I can respond to text messages without having to get my phone out of my pocket. Smartwatches have many interesting and helpful uses if you’re willing to figure out how to make it work.

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